A Nice View of Puerta de Alcalá (Alcalá Gate)

2019-09-22 14.41.51The Alcala Gate (La Puerta del Alcalá) is one of the most visited and iconic monuments in Madrid. Located in Plaza de la Independencia and just in front of the main entrance to Parque del Retiro (Retiro Park), this monument is the remaining of the Walls around city during the Kingdom of Felipe IV (Phillip IV) from 1625 to 1868. These were not defensive walls, but essentially served for fiscal and surveillance purposes: to control the access of goods to the city, ensure the collection of taxes, and to monitor who went in and out of Madrid. The materials used for construction were brick, mortar and compacted earth. From the arquitechtonical point of view it has a very singular construction as both sides are different.

It is always a special spot , full packed of tourists and locals trying to get a nice shot, and yesterday I was able to catch this image and wanted to share with you all.

Are you still thinking about visiting Madrid, Toledo and other cities? Come on, visit and you will be able to tell by yourself that you have visited one of teh most amzing cities in Europe!!


Chocolate Fair at Madrid

2019-09-22 14.51.15Those people visiting Madrid las weekend had opportunity to visit the Chocolate Fair (CHOCOMAD), a place for Chocolate lovers.

Personally, chocolate is not my favourite dessert (I prefer main courses more than desserts) but I have to say that it was a nice overview about how many different possibilities  and World origins we may find for something like Chocolate, whcih is not so simple as we may think.

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AVILA (SPAIN): Multicultural Market

Last Sunday, Sept 8th, took place in the city of Avila a recreation of Multicultural Market. The city was divided into Christian, Moor and Jewish markets, and many different flea markets and food trucks were across the city.

The city of Avilaa contains a reach Jewish History but nowadays, what is left is very limited. In a separte post I promise to come back with a detail reserach about Avila.

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Artist Moises Bentata opens a new permanent exhibition in Toledo

This a real interesting piece of news that I can’t wait to share with you all. My friend and best artist, Moises Bentata, have decided to have a permanent exhibition of his art in Toledo. The place chosen to fit his so special art pieces could not be more suitable as the the will be shown in the cellar of a today’s very well located Antiques Store of the Jewish Quarter. This cellar is the remaining of a 1391’s called Sopher Synagogue that we know for records that was destroyed in the first pogrom that took place in Toledo during that year.

I wish all the best to Moises and kindly invite to you all to visit his new Gallery in Toledo.

Calle Reyes católicos, 8. Toledo