Lewandoski could go to Real Madrid via Pinhas Zahavi

lewandoskyAccording to reports ABC, Robert Lewandowski is the player chosen by Real Madrid to reinforce the lead ahead of Harry Kane, which is the second option and Salah, which is the third.

The main objective of the general direction of Real Madrid, led by José Ángel Sánchez, is the signing of a classic goalscorer that is complementary to Cristiano Ronaldo. And the Pole is the first chosen by the European champion, publishes the Madrid newspaper.

Kane is the second option. Salah would only be a third letter, because its price would be huge and for that investment would be chosen Neymar, which is the dream of Real Madrid, a very difficult acquisition that will be tried until August 31. Lewandowski is the most affordable hiring in every way, economic and operational. The starting point is ideal for both parties, club and footballer: both want to marry their futures, adds ABC.

The Polish international has signed the Israeli agent Pinhas Zahavi, so that Bayern Munich accepts his departure to Real Madrid and put a price on the operation.

Lewandowski, who has scored 41 goals this season, turns 30 on August 21 and has made the decision to join his future to the Jewish intermediary because he needs “yes or yes” to leave this season of Bayern to sign “the last big contract with a great European League “, according to Zahavi with the realism that makes him creditor of his fame. «Robert» knows what interests Real Madrid and that is his first wish.

Manchester United of Mourinho and Manchester City of Guardiola also bid for him. And PSG, which could transfer to Cavani. At 30 years, the cost of Lewandowski transfer would be around 120 million euros.

“Pini”, Neymar´s FIFA agent

pinhas zahviPinhas Zahavi has mission: Take Neymar to Real Madrid CF. The agent who took the Brazilian to Barcelona for 222 million will be the key to the “Real Madrid operation”. His art is to cool the feelings linked to football that presidents and soccer players have to put them aside and achieve important transfers without the resquemor of the colors and the social consequences of any relevant operation on a world scale. “If you do not take away the human attachments to football there would be no transfers.” He is a sports journalist and this profession, ours, allowed him to know all the ins and outs of football, to feel the beats of leaders, coaches and players from Europe and South America to know how to approach those who decide and those who succeed with the ball to become agent of many players and make them ascend to the highest levels. His name is Pinhas Zahavi, he has the nickname of Pini and he is the key man so that Neymar fulfills the goal of reaching Real Madrid. A Jew, a native of the small Israeli town of Ness Ziona, man of the world, Zahavi stopped exercising sports journalism in 1988, when he was 45 years old, to dedicate himself exclusively to representation.

His relationship with the first level football began in 1979, After several medium-sized transfers, his jump to the first division of the agents occurred in 1990, when he transferred his compatriot Rosenthal, who played in the Liege Standard, to Liverpool. Kenny Dalglish was the manager of Liverpool. He opened a vein for which he got the contacts of Souness, Alex Ferguson, Ron Atkinson and Terry Venables. His “discovery” of Rio Ferdinand, who in 2000 played at West Ham, took him to the top. He transferred it to Leeds for 23 million euros. Two years later, he placed Ferdinand at Manchester United for 36 million. Now, his mission is to bring Neymar to Real Madrid after getting his signing for PSG a year ago, from Barcelona. It is the most difficult challenge for the Israeli.
Last year, Al-Khelaifi told him that he wanted to hire Neymar. He was annoyed by the shapes of Barcelona, ​​which had persistently tempted Verratti without going through the office of the president of the Parisian club. He convinced the father of the Brazilian and the star. The clause had to be paid, 222 million. It was paid. Now he is in permanent contact with dad Neymar as executive arm to achieve his transfer to Real Madrid.
Your goal is complicated. It must expose the sheikh that the figure wants to leave. It is the starting point. Real Madrid is the chosen destination. Pinhas Zahavi must convince Nasser Al-Khelaifi that “this is just business”, that he does not apply the sentiments to the business, and that he admits the situation so that he puts a price on the striker. To accept that the soccer player and his family are not comfortable in the PSG and want to leave. It is Neymar who has taken the step forward. Zahavi must explain to Nasser Al-Khelaifi that he can not be intransigent. Who will sign other players, but must give free rein to the South American and open the escrow. It is your goal. Bring coldness to the situation and tell him that without Neymar the world is not over, nor the PSG. If someone can reach this agreement, it is Zahavi.