A different day with friends

In several opportunities I have said to my visitors that my policy consists of not having customers; I just have visitors or friends. When you decide to come back to Spain and call me again, that means something and that´s why I love my job and respect you all so much.

So, Nir and friends were in Madrid las week to see Atletico de Madrid vs Barcelona and we spent a different day in the Mountains of Madrid and having a special lunch into a special place!!!

Always welcome!!!


Vilna Gaon ZTL. Coin honouring his 300 birthday anniversary

Following publications in several media, in Q2 2020 Lithuania will realease a new series of coins honoring the 300 Vilna Gaon ZTL (GR”A) Birthday Anniversary.

The coin will be a 10 euros series and it will be the first time that hebrew letters are going to be engraved into a euro  coin.

To know about the life of Vilna Gaon, you can click into:


Ibn Gabirol, Madrid Jewish School, out with Torah Scroll

TIbn GABIROL en ZARAGOZAhis week, the students of Madrid School, Ibn Gabirol, had a few days in the of Zaragoza(Northern Spain), knowing about the Jewish History of this singular area of Spain.

Under the religious direction of Rab Pinhas Punturello this time, the studens could daven a full shajrit with Sefer Torah as this is the first time that the School Center decides to bring a Sefer Torah with them.

I have to congratulate to Rab Punturello for the initiave and all the Jewish Community of Madrid for havaing a so positive asset in our staff!!!!

Good job!