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Malaga will have more than two years with a museum devoted to Spanish Jewish thought.

malaga centro sefardiThe Sefardi Cultural Center is designed to recover the production of the great
Intellectuals until the fifteenth century, but also the work of the heirs of the Sephardic diaspora.
This space “does not want to recover the footprint of the Spanish Jews, but the legacy of the Spaniards of Jewish religion, “explained Wednesday the editor and journalist Basilio Baltasar, Content manager of the future center. The project is budgeted for something more than two Million euros assumed by the Israeli Community of Malaga.
It is an old initiative, of more than 15 years, stopped by the lack of financing. Problems have And it is estimated that the works could start at the end of 2017. The project execution period is two years, although waiting for the physical container, the objective is to start as soon as possible with activities, Conferences or workshop days. For the president of the Israeli Community of Malaga, Ruben Bentata, would be more than Adequate that the city lead the acts of homage on the occasion of the millennium of the birth of the philosopher and poet Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Malaga, about 1021-Valencia, about 1058).


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