Yom Kippur arrives to ATP


dudi_selaDudi Sela dropped last Friday in the quarterfinals of the tournament in Shenzhen against Alexandr Dolgopolov. The Israeli was down 6-3 in the first set before winning the second set 6-4. At the start of the last set, Sela gave up after realizing that he would not finish his match before the start of Yom Kippur. The 77th world player had asked to play the game earlier in the day to be able to respect the fast, but his request was not respected. Sela preferred the Torah to tennis but as a result, he will be deprived of points in the ATP ranking and the amount that was to be attributed to him for his course ($ 34,000).


Entre Dos Aguas: Boutique Hotel in Toledo

2019-10-07 13.44.53The Spanish music uses to come with a guitar, but this guitar is extremely enhanced when the hands of Master were playing it.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting this specail boutique Hotel, called “Entre dos aguas” (“between two seas”), as the famous song of Master Paco de Lucia.

The hotel has been built up into a XV century house in Toledo that was recently the home of Paco de Lucia, and of course the placer where he recorded his famous album “cositas buenas” with the cooperation of famous atists like Alejandro Sanz, Tomatito or Diego El Cigala.

The decoration is super, as you can see in the photos and there are only 5 rooms available, so if you are thinking a about a singular overnight location, you must consider this one.

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Mitsvaton in Madrid with great starting

2019-10-06 09.38.22The First Mitzvaton took place in Madrid, in 2009, ten years ago, when the Jewish Community of Madrid (CJM) decided to organize a day to involve anyone belonging to this beautiful Congregation to participate on any of several proposals in order to accomplish mitzvot, meaning performing actions dedicated to help your community, environment or any other area of our day to day life.

This year the Mistvaton has been again organised but they have had the initiative to set the date between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. As most of you know, these days are called “Atseret Yeme Tshuva” (“The 10 days of return”). The day started in the JCC (Jewish Community Center) in Balmes Street of Madrid with a global Shachrit and Selichot, conducted by Rabbi Moshe Bendahan SHLITA, Chief Rabbi of Madrid Jewish Community and FCJE(Council of Jewish Communities of Spain) and after that there was a quick breakfast and everyone went stright to their tasks. There were many ways to be involved in this day, such as visiting old people of our congregation who live alone, fixing up damaged prayer book from different synagogues, or even participating in giving used clothing taken from The Jewish Community of Madrid to a Catholic Parrish in Madrid, giving with this a sample of intercooperation.


Good Job to everybody!!!


El Pardo Palace: another Royal site to be visited

2019-10-04 12.41.18Most of Spanish people linkk “El Pardo” Palace to the life of General Francisco Franco, died in 1973. But The Royal Palace of El Pardo, located just a few miles Outside Madrid is a magnificent jewel, started in XV century and it has been the vacational residence of two different dinasties of Spanish Monarchs: Austrias and Borbons.

Everything is very delicate and special inside, but to be honest, I think it is very difficult to find a larger collection for tapestries (many of them by Franciso de Goya) , coming form XVII and XVIII centuries.

I do recommend this visit.

Four Seasons Hotel: soon in the heart of Madrid

As I to use say, Madrid is a vibrant and incredible city, but in the last few year some other cities in Europe looked to be ahead of Madrid with very well known Hotels to offer for any visitors. In this opportunity Madrid is giving a “great touch” to high-end visitors offering the Four Seasons Hotel into the most iconic area of Madrid.

The Hotel consists of the transfortstion of seven differnt buildings configurating a space of 15400 sq feet and 600 guests.

As you can read  in Four Season madrid web site: “Rooftop dining by Spanish celebrity chef Dani García, a four-level spa and a sun-splashed pool terrace, Four Seasons is bringing a new level of luxury and service to Madrid”.

December 2019 looks to be the date: anxious to see it!!!!!



Frigiliana: a beautiful village

Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting Frigiliana. This village is located in the pronice of Malaga(Spain), very close to edge to with Granada and in the mountains. You have less than an hour by car from Malaga in a very comfortable road, except the very last part of you way going up the mountains.

What makes this place unique? difficult to answer in our sentence, but let me explain:

  • Good weather, located close to the “Spanish Tropical coast” of Granada, Firigiliana receive this influence, so moderate summer and smooth winter (I was told about this).
  • Nice looking: is a white village on top of the mountains.
  • Rich history: The village has a lot of History since the Moors invasion (711 AC)

The only remaining cane Honey Factory in Europe. A good opportunity to taste this honey bought in Factory which is the middle of the village.

During your visit to Malaga this is a very recommended day; you only has to think about it is a very hilly place, so if you have walking problems, you may skip the visit for a later occcasion.


By the way, during summer there is a 3 culture Festival (Jewish, Muslim and Catholic) which I do not want to miss next year. So…. see you at Frigiliana.


Don Isaac Abravanel

abravanel2Speaking about Don Isaac Abravanel means to face the life of a very special person for the Jewish population of Spain during the period before the expulsion (until 1492). But his unique feature is that still nowadays in Yeshivot, Kollelim and Jewish learnings in general terms his religious books and commentaries are still studied and followed by thousands of students.

Don Isaac, came from a Jewish family living in Seville until 1391, when, after the Dead of the King Juan I and the Bishop of Seville, the Jewish Population was masacred in a cruel set of attacks against the Jewish Quarter. The Dean of Ecija, Ferran Martinez, was under these attacks after warming up the local catholics against the Jews.

Don Isaac had the responsability of Treasure during the Kingdom of Alfonso V in Portugal, but in 1483 has to escape to Castille, living in Plasencia and later in Alcala de Henares and Guadalajara. He became a very good friend and partner of Abraham Seneor, who worked for Isabella and Ferdinand, and they both (Abravanel and Seneor) were able to get the support of the Catholic Monarchs for the first trip of Chistopher Columbus to America.

Nowadays we can visit in Toledo “La Casa del Judío” (The Jew´s House), which is said that belonged to the Abravanel family. Inside the cellar, there is a nice mistery which is waiting to you visit to be shown.

Hope to see you in Toledo very soon!!!


La Feria: How do we explain this?

If I had never visited Spain, understand what is La Feria (The Fairs) should be one of the most difficult concepts. Not only for the performance by itself but for the mentality of locals who really do their lives inside La Feria of one entire week.

Let me train to explain. In every single city of Spain, from the tiniest to the largest there is a week dedicated to La Feria. This week coincides with Catholic Patron Saint to whom the city is honoured. So during all this week, La Feria is taking place. There is to be one area dedicated to attractions for children, and so children too, and another part with “casetas”. “Casetas” means like tents where most of local food and beverages operators and some other external operator who travel with the full La Feria Caravan are opening their business just for this week. There are also some “casetas” who are operated by group of friends, Church parishes and some other possiblities. At the end, every visitor look his atmosphere to feel comfortable every night (sometimes day time too) all the time in La Feria. By the way, usually during that week, the business life of the city where La Feria is taking place is reduced, shorten opening times, giving the employees more time for La Feria.

A full night at La Feria ends with a Cup of Hot Chocolate where you dip Churros…. But that will be another post!!!

Personally I am not fan of La Feria but haev to say that is one of the features of Spain,

Most famous places in Spain for La Feria are Sevilla, Malaga, Pamplona, Jerez de la Frontera and many other places in Spain.

By the way I leave you one photo at La Feria de Malaga, last summer!!!


2019-08-21 15.08.40-1

Cibeles Palace: 100 years in Madrid

2019-09-22 15.14.12Built in 1909 as the Head Quarters of Spain Postal Office, the Cibeles Palace  is one of the most relevant constructions in Madrid, combining tradition, modern and functional.

The materials used for its construction were Stone, Iron and cristal, y set over the area corresponding to the leissure gardens of The Retiro Palace.

The building contains several spaces:

  • The Old Operations Court Yard of Postal Office.
  • The Old Palace Chapel,
  • CentroCentro: A 8000 sqm area offering a wide program for exhibtions and cultural activities for any visitor.
  • The Cristal Gallery: Multifunctional space of 2800 sqm under a wonderful Cristal Dome to host inside any kind of cultural, leissure or official activities. We had CHOCOMAD (Fair Chocolate of Madrid) las weekend in this space.
  • The Auditorium, just under the Cristal Gallery. With a 262 spectators capacity for presentations, concerts and conferences.
  • Restaurant and terrace in the 6th floor,
  • Madrid Roof top, an incredible view point of Madrid.


Fan Hand Painting in Madrid

Anyone who has been visiting Spain has already realized about how typical are Fans here. You can find the from souvenirs stores to high end boutiques all across Spain (specially in the South of Spain, to be honest).

I found this street artist who decorated the fans with own hands as you can see in this video.

Please take a look (and like my blog if you can).