Jewish Community of Ceuta tributes the Sanitaries with the Hanukah Lighting

Today, the fourth day of Hanukkah, the Israeli Community of Ceuta has organized its traditional “Hanukkah in the Street”, which this year has consisted of a simple ceremony, broadcast online, from the Bet El Temple, the center of Jewish life in this city . Traditionally, the Israelite Community of Ceuta dedicates this lighting to a group of the City, and this year, how could it be otherwise, this lighting has been dedicated to all the Sanitarians and Sanitary authorities of this beautiful City, women and men, that are the first line of action against the World Pandemic that the Covid-19 virus supposes.
The event was presented by Don Jacob Hachuel, a nurse and an illustrious member of this Community, who in a sense of speech thanked him heartily for the work that each and one of the members of this great group of doctors and health workers perform in the City, not only now under the dark threat of the Pandemic, but at every moment of their lives; vocational lives dedicated to the care and healing of the sick.
Representatives of the group of doctors, nurses, assistants, orderlies and cleaning and maintenance staff of the University Hospital of Ceuta shared this honor, which served as a humble tribute by the Community.
The event closed with a word from the President of the Israelite Community of Ceuta, José Bentolila, who touched everyone’s hearts, citing the words of Doctor Cavadas, who in turn quotes the Talmud with “who saves a life, saves the World ”, And also valued the work that this group is carrying out at that time, not only for their commendable work that they carry out with so much dedication in their day-to-day lives, but also the great humanitarian work they are carrying out as“ the most close to the sick ”.
The small group of guests was able to enjoy some “sufganiyot” one of the typical sweets of this Festival that were delivered to take away.

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