Damascus Steel. Ancient technique developed in Toledo

One “must” conversation topic duting my tours is “What cad n I buy here that I cannot find anywhere else?”. My answers are always the same: marzipan, damascening and damascus steel kitchen knives?

What does Damascus Steel consist of?

Damascus Steel is not about the steel origin by itself but about the knife consruction technique, and it consists of a process to integrate a multilayer blade onto the knife. This blade contains, in the case of Toledo, up 70 layers of steel. So the resut is a very hard a durable knife, and if you give right care dont need to sharp in years.



Chanuka 5780 in Ceuta


As all my followers already know, this small Spanish location in North Africa, has a very special city. And it is my born city!!!

The coexistence we can see in Ceuta is an example for any city in World.

Yesterday, the Jewish Community of Ceuta organize a Public Chanuka Lighting for the whole city.

Chanuka Sameach!!!!



Please… Turn your head Queen Isabella

2019-12-10 16.54.23One more year I have taken this special photo in Toledo. We are located under the Statue of Queen Isabela, the one who organise the expulsion of the Jews from Castille and Aragon in 1492. In the background, the Munincipality of Toledo hang the Holidays Lightning, but in this case, they put a Chanukiah as we are inside the Jewish Quarter, and I am just “asking” the Queen to twist head a little bit and look at the Chanukah Candle!!!!

Jews in Spain from 1789 to 1902. New book in Spain

Yesterday, I had the pleaaure to attend the presentation of the last Book of Jacobo Israel Garzon. Jacobo has been President of Jewish Community of Madrid and Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain. Nowdays retired and playing as active historian of the Jewish steps in Spain, Jacobo writes with a simplicity and clearness that makes his history book very easy going for readers; at the same time he brings enormous historical rigor in his job that makes a learning experience during the reading.

I have just started a few pages yesterday but I am really anxiuous to dive on it; specially across a few appedinxes with a personal research job of Mr.Garzon going so deep into the History of the Jews in Spain.

The book is only available in Spanish.


A different day with friends

In several opportunities I have said to my visitors that my policy consists of not having customers; I just have visitors or friends. When you decide to come back to Spain and call me again, that means something and that´s why I love my job and respect you all so much.

So, Nir and friends were in Madrid las week to see Atletico de Madrid vs Barcelona and we spent a different day in the Mountains of Madrid and having a special lunch into a special place!!!

Always welcome!!!