Jewish Community of Ceuta commemorates the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation

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As you all know I always write about the Jewish Community of Ceuta (my born city) where the Jewish Community of Ceuta demonstrates to have a very solid level of coexistence with the rest of cultures who are populating this singluar Spanish enclave in the Northern part of Africa. Basically in Ceuta coexist Catholic, Muslims, Hindus and Jewish people.

Today, 75 years after the Concenctration Camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau were liberated by the Russian troops, every single developed city in the World commemorates this fact, because  THE WORLD CANNOT FORGET what human beings are able to do.

The act in Ceuta has the presence of the Rabi of Jewish Community, Rab Jacob Levy, the President of Munincipality, Excmo Sr. Juan Vivas, president of Jewish Coomunity and several local authorities belonging to both, civil and militar society.

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