First Jewish Text in America. Special publication

This wonderful edition of the first Jewish text in America, written by Don Luis de Carvajal “El Mozo” has been presented.

It is a special edition of High Bibliophilia, limited to 300 copies worldwide. A combination of art and literature that offers, for the first time in history, the content of the three manuscripts recently recovered by the Mexican government as Heritage of the Nation; some texts considered also, the oldest written by a Jew in America, and that unite the history of Mexico and Spain.

The edition consists of an artist’s book made up of the introductory text by Dr. Antonio Rubial, from UNAM; three analytical studies of each of the El Mozo booklets, carried out by Dr. Alicia Gojman and Dr. Baltazar Brito, and the third by Dr. Samuel Temkin, which focuses on the influence of the Carvajal on the origin of the state from Nuevo León; and also, the unpublished transcription of the three manuscripts. Accompanying the text, thirty original engravings made by two renowned artists are presented: the Spanish Natalio Bayo and the Sephardic Cuban José Luis Fariñas and in facsimile edition in original size, the three little books written by El Mozo are included.

This is an edition on cotton paper and vegetable fibers, manufactured exclusively for this edition, in a format 38cm (14.96 inches) high and 56cm (22.04 inches) wide. It is presented in a branch, without sewing, according to the bibliophile tradition, and it is contained in a luxury box made with noble materials. The text is completed with thirty signed and numbered engravings by the artists Natalio Bayo and José Luis Fariñas. It includes a Facsimile of the three recovered manuscripts, in their original size, with a safeguard to protect them, reproduced with the most demanding photographic, digitizing and stochastic printing processes. The work has access to music and audiovisual content that complement the reader’s experience. It is limited to 300 copies, numbered and unrepeatable and each copy includes a notarized Testimony authenticating the edition and the corresponding number.

Should you be interested in this gem of history, which will become part of your family heritage, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will be happy to put you in direct contact with the publisher. (Asher Bentolila)

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