The Oldest book store in Spain

libreria mas antigua de españaTraditional book readers are nowadays passing through a hard moment. New technologies are shifting the paper books giving the main role to e-books and others. In fact, this week we have known about the closing of “Círculo de Lectores” (Readers Circle), the company that achieve one million clients in the 90´s in Spain and today are not able to sustain this traditional business model, made up of local agents who visit every single home in their area offering a new book through a monthly catalogue sharply delivered.  However, in this world of constant performance and change, we find in the city of Burgos, Spain, the oldest book store in Spain, working since 1850 through six generations of the same family.

Sincerly I wish the best to the family of Santiago Rodríguez, the founder, and anotther six generations, at least,  of success in the book selling.



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