It has been a ver special weekend visiting SEGOVIA and TOLEDO with these two couples from Philadelphia. With a tight agenda we were visiting the cities, learning history, some shopping and some kosher local food…. a great combination.

Abarbanel House was also in our itinerary and we all enjoy with crossed stories.

Hope to see you soon here.

Was Cristobal Colon a Jew?

Gobierno de España. Ministerio de CulturaThere are many  opinions about this, but today I want to highlight one piece of order summarized in his Testament, saying:

“A un judí­o que moraba á la puerta de la juderí­a en Lisboa, ó á quien mandare un Sacerdote, el valor de medio marco de plata”

“For a Jew who was living in the Jewish Quarter Gate of Lisbon, or to whom the priest consider, the value of hald a silver marco”