La Feria: How do we explain this?

If I had never visited Spain, understand what is La Feria (The Fairs) should be one of the most difficult concepts. Not only for the performance by itself but for the mentality of locals who really do their lives inside La Feria of one entire week.

Let me train to explain. In every single city of Spain, from the tiniest to the largest there is a week dedicated to La Feria. This week coincides with Catholic Patron Saint to whom the city is honoured. So during all this week, La Feria is taking place. There is to be one area dedicated to attractions for children, and so children too, and another part with “casetas”. “Casetas” means like tents where most of local food and beverages operators and some other external operator who travel with the full La Feria Caravan are opening their business just for this week. There are also some “casetas” who are operated by group of friends, Church parishes and some other possiblities. At the end, every visitor look his atmosphere to feel comfortable every night (sometimes day time too) all the time in La Feria. By the way, usually during that week, the business life of the city where La Feria is taking place is reduced, shorten opening times, giving the employees more time for La Feria.

A full night at La Feria ends with a Cup of Hot Chocolate where you dip Churros…. But that will be another post!!!

Personally I am not fan of La Feria but haev to say that is one of the features of Spain,

Most famous places in Spain for La Feria are Sevilla, Malaga, Pamplona, Jerez de la Frontera and many other places in Spain.

By the way I leave you one photo at La Feria de Malaga, last summer!!!


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