Don Isaac Abravanel

abravanel2Speaking about Don Isaac Abravanel means to face the life of a very special person for the Jewish population of Spain during the period before the expulsion (until 1492). But his unique feature is that still nowadays in Yeshivot, Kollelim and Jewish learnings in general terms his religious books and commentaries are still studied and followed by thousands of students.

Don Isaac, came from a Jewish family living in Seville until 1391, when, after the Dead of the King Juan I and the Bishop of Seville, the Jewish Population was masacred in a cruel set of attacks against the Jewish Quarter. The Dean of Ecija, Ferran Martinez, was under these attacks after warming up the local catholics against the Jews.

Don Isaac had the responsability of Treasure during the Kingdom of Alfonso V in Portugal, but in 1483 has to escape to Castille, living in Plasencia and later in Alcala de Henares and Guadalajara. He became a very good friend and partner of Abraham Seneor, who worked for Isabella and Ferdinand, and they both (Abravanel and Seneor) were able to get the support of the Catholic Monarchs for the first trip of Chistopher Columbus to America.

Nowadays we can visit in Toledo “La Casa del Judío” (The Jew´s House), which is said that belonged to the Abravanel family. Inside the cellar, there is a nice mistery which is waiting to you visit to be shown.

Hope to see you in Toledo very soon!!!


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