Frigiliana: a beautiful village

Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting Frigiliana. This village is located in the pronice of Malaga(Spain), very close to edge to with Granada and in the mountains. You have less than an hour by car from Malaga in a very comfortable road, except the very last part of you way going up the mountains.

What makes this place unique? difficult to answer in our sentence, but let me explain:

  • Good weather, located close to the “Spanish Tropical coast” of Granada, Firigiliana receive this influence, so moderate summer and smooth winter (I was told about this).
  • Nice looking: is a white village on top of the mountains.
  • Rich history: The village has a lot of History since the Moors invasion (711 AC)

The only remaining cane Honey Factory in Europe. A good opportunity to taste this honey bought in Factory which is the middle of the village.

During your visit to Malaga this is a very recommended day; you only has to think about it is a very hilly place, so if you have walking problems, you may skip the visit for a later occcasion.


By the way, during summer there is a 3 culture Festival (Jewish, Muslim and Catholic) which I do not want to miss next year. So…. see you at Frigiliana.


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