Cibeles Palace: 100 years in Madrid

2019-09-22 15.14.12Built in 1909 as the Head Quarters of Spain Postal Office, the Cibeles Palace  is one of the most relevant constructions in Madrid, combining tradition, modern and functional.

The materials used for its construction were Stone, Iron and cristal, y set over the area corresponding to the leissure gardens of The Retiro Palace.

The building contains several spaces:

  • The Old Operations Court Yard of Postal Office.
  • The Old Palace Chapel,
  • CentroCentro: A 8000 sqm area offering a wide program for exhibtions and cultural activities for any visitor.
  • The Cristal Gallery: Multifunctional space of 2800 sqm under a wonderful Cristal Dome to host inside any kind of cultural, leissure or official activities. We had CHOCOMAD (Fair Chocolate of Madrid) las weekend in this space.
  • The Auditorium, just under the Cristal Gallery. With a 262 spectators capacity for presentations, concerts and conferences.
  • Restaurant and terrace in the 6th floor,
  • Madrid Roof top, an incredible view point of Madrid.


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