Happy Rosh Chodesh and Hanukah at Or Hayeladim

2018-12-09 09.32.20This Sunday, 7th day of Hanukkah we had a special Shachrit at Or Hayeladim Congregation. This nice Congregation in the North East of Madrid is running for 16 years already offering a Modern Orthodox Jewish atmosphere everyday and taking special care about kids learning.

At the end of Shachrit service we could enjoy a breakfast with Sufganiyot, Churros and Buñuelos!!!!

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Noah Gordon´s The Physician. A very recommended Spanish Musical

The Physician by Noah Gordon Last week, I had the opportunity to see the Musical show “The Phisician” (“El Médico”) in Madrid, based on the Noah Gordon´s novel with the same title.

Previous criticism was very good, but my impression was excellent. Almost 3 hours show going like a snap in a very well conducted, music, orchestra, make up, clothing and specially singers!!!!

If you have the opportunity, don´t miss it.

Madrid lights the Hanukah

Last Monday, december 3rd, we could see in Madrid the lighting of second Hanukah evening. Rab Mosher Bendahan SHLITA, Chief Rabbi of Madrid, Mr.Leon Benelbas, President of Madrid Jewish Community and many other relevant personalities attended to this ceremony with a big audience of Madrid and tourist people who enjoy about it and the sufganiyot served later.



What Happen on December 3rd 1763?

TouroSynDecember 3rd 1763: Foundation of Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island-MA-.

Through the early and middle 1700s, Newport rose in prominence and importance, taking a leading role in the shipping and mercantile trades of the American Colonies. By 1758, the Jewish population had grown sufficiently that there was a need for a house of worship. The Congregation now known as Congregation Jeshuat Israel (Salvation of Israel) engaged Newport resident Peter Harrison to design the synagogue. Harrison, a British American merchant and sea captain, was self-tutored in architecture, studying mostly from books and drawings. He had already completed the building of Newport’s Redwood Library and King’s Chapel in Boston. Construction began on the “Jews Synagogue” in 1759. At the same time, Harrison was also building Christ Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Brick Market in Newport.


Ceuta: Hanukkah Lighting 5779-2018

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-04 at 11.01.10.jpeg Again this year we can see how the Jewish Community of Ceuta, this small city in North Africa (by the way my birthplace), lighted the Hanukah in the street showing the miracle to all the city inhabitants. Good job guys!!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-04 at 11.00.05.jpeg
Dance performance by a local Dance Academy during the Lighting Ceremony
WhatsApp Image 2018-12-04 at 11.01.26.jpeg
Member of Jewish Community and Local Government lighting one candle.


And you, dear reader, are maybe wondering: “Where is Ceuta?”.  Let me show you…..




Resultado de imagen de ceuta

Resultado de imagen de ceuta

Resultado de imagen de ceuta

Resultado de imagen de calle real ceuta


See you there during your next Holidays?????





What happen on Oct 28th 1910?

Foundation of the first Kibbutz in Israel, called DEGANIA.

kibbutz degania“On the 25th of Tishrei, 5671 (1910) we have arrived, ten men and two women, to receive the inventory from the “labor conquest group”. We have proceeded to establish an independent settlement of Jewish workers in the national homeland – a Commune.”

What happen on Dec 1st 1347?

peste negraI would like to highlight only December 1st 1347 as  the date in which the Back Death arrived to Europe from the commercial routes of Asia through the ports of Messina, Genoa and Venice. The origin of thi disease was the North of India and only in one year finished with one third of the european population.

Jews were blamed as an excuse to organize massive persecutions, specially in those areas where Jews were business success.

Moises Bentata arts. Soon in Miami

2018-01-31 19.37.52
Madrid, March 2018. A moment of the opening with Moises Bentata, Esther Bendahan -Casa Sefarad Isarel- and Mercedes Bentata -family of Moises-

Aqua Art Miami Fair (USA)

Aqua Hotel – 1530 Collins Avenue – Miami Beach, FL 3313

December 5-9 | 2018

Moises Bentata’s works will travel to USA for exhibition during the Miami Art Week between next 5 and 9 of December.

The event which has been held yearly in Miami, gather the world’s most important art galleries and collectors. Moises Bentata will attend the AQUA ART MIAMI Fair after the recent agreement reached with the Van Gogh Art Gallery (Madrid).

During the Fair his latest art project “LETTERS OF TRUTH” will be premiered and exhibited to the public for the first time.

logo LT (fondo blanco).jpg

As well as other recently creations, which his last work belonging to the series “a Tribute to Life” is highlighted.

CJM 5779 Januca Awards

“Yes, there were synagogues in Toledo, but why they were called as Santa Maria la Blanca or El Tránsito?”

In the evening of Dec 1st (one day before the Hanukah celebration) took place in Madrid the ceremony of 5779 Hanuka Award. This year the Jewish Community of Madrid (CJM) decided to homage to Mr.Juan Ignacio Mesa Ruiz, nowadays the President of REAL FUNDACION DE TOLEDO (Toledo Royal Foundation) whose Honor President is the King of Spain, D.Felipe de Borbón.

The ceremony was very emotive and charming, but I have to highlight one moment, I would say, by far, tha the speech of thanks of Mr.Mesa, where the brilliant awarded also showed himself as great speaker with fresh, warm and extremely sincere words that touch the heart of every attendant.

I would also want to highlight the play of CJM Chorus, an amateur chorus made up of several members of the Jewish Community and very sharply directed by Mercedes Benzaquén. Specially the Hatikva at the Ceremony closing was a ideal touch together with the Spain National Anthem. Congratulations guys!!!

At the end of the speech of Mr. León Benelbas, President of Jewish Community of Madrid, was a reference to the Old Mayor Synagogue of Toledo (Nowadays Santa Maria La Blanca Church/Synagogue) that I really hope that Mr. Mesa has been able to note.


Jewish Community of Ceuta presents Hanukka 5779 (2018)

Cartel Januka Ceuta 2018Once more, the Jewish Community of Ceuta (Spanish City in North Africa), presented the Hanukka Banner in the City Hall, with the Mayor of the City and some other Authorities and members of the local Governement.

It is really special to see how this city has Jewish Community with an exceptional integration degree with the Governement.

Congratulations for your great job!!!