Rab Abraham Yosef SHLITA visits Ceuta

On May 15th, the Jewish Comunity of Ceuta had the pleasure of receiving the visit of Rab Abraham Yosef SHLITA, son of well known Rab Ovadia Yosef ZTL.

Rab Abraham Yosef, was the Cief Rabbi of the city of Jolon in Israel, and is the brother of the actual Rishon Letsion, Rab Yitzjak Yosef SHLITA. He is member of Torah Rabbanim Board of Israel, and he also has a Radio Program in Kol Chay Station about different Halachic questions.

In the visit, they were also with hime Rab Arye Goldberd, General Director of European Rabbinical Centre, Rab Yosef Benhaker, subdirector of teh same Centre and Rab Abraham Aba Tortsky, General Secretary of European Rabbinical Board.

They were received by the Ceuta Jewish Comunity Borad President, Mr.José Bentolila, and rest of members, and they davened Shachrit, had a wonderful breakfast with the rest of the Community.

The visitors went also to see the Jewish Cemetery and they were finally received by the President and Major of Ceuta, Mr.Juan Vivas Lara.

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