450 attacks against Israel in 24 hours



I wonder, how many times will the “red code” alarms have sounded? Maybe 500 times, maybe 1000? That is, if you lived in Israel, at any time of the day you would have 15 seconds (the time it takes the rocket launched from Gaza to explode in Israel), to take your family, your children, your elders and take them to all speed up to the shelter of the house (in Israel all buildings have shelters). If the alarm sounds when you are on the street, you will have 15 seconds to reach the nearest shelter you find, or you should lie on the ground next to a wall and protect your head with your hands.

During those 24 hours, 450 rockets of various types fell on southern Israel. On one side were the Qassams, with a range of 17 km and an explosive charge of 10 kg that acts as a fragmentation explosive in which not only is its shock wave dangerous but also the shrapnel that it launches at high speed. The usual projectile used by Hamas terrorists and also their favorite is the Grad on which the Qasam is based, it is of Soviet origin although those arriving in Hamas are of Iranian origin. It is considered an anti-tank and anti-personnel weapon. It has an explosive head of 20 kg and a high level of destruction.

I imagine that many of you have read almost nothing about this, of course if you have reported through El País or the SER, all you know is that Israel attacked Hamas objectives after the launch of “rockets”. Do not wait much longer, in much of the media, political correctness orders that you only talk about Israel when there is a dead Palestinian, if an Israeli dies you have to look the other way and ignore the news.

Although this time there have been many politicians around the world who have shown their rejection against Hamas by the missile rain launched against civilians in Israel, in Spain we only had mentions to the subject made by Juan Carlos Girauta. Nor is it surprising, in general, Spanish politicians are not interested in international politics, beyond taking a picture in an international forum or with a European leader.

From the Spanish left and how could it be otherwise, ignoring the attack on civilians by Hamas terrorists, but we have experienced what we like so much to our left that is to pay homage to dead Jews. On the left he loves to tell us how they admire the Jews who lived in Spain 500 years ago or those who were victims of anti-Semitism, but they do not care that an Israeli family can be vaporized by the impact of a missile by Hamas terrorists. We will have to remind them that Israelis are Jews, although I think they already know this.

One example is Barcelona, ​​where the same people who subsidize the talks of a Palestinian terrorist, put the name of a dead Jew, one street away from Barcelona. They also sponsored an event in memory of La Noche de los Crystals Rotos, a facelift of anti-Semitism (which they call anti-Zionism) exercised by the municipal leaders of Barcelona.

In the maximum exercise of “postureo”, the right hand of Colau, a certain Pisarello, was allowed to write an article against anti-Semitism. That is to say, in a display of unparalleled hypocrisy, the same person who signed the grant of a glorification event for the Palestinian terrorist Laila Khaled in Barcelona, ​​also signed an article saying how bad the people who killed the Jews were. I recommend printing that article and use it to pick up the “dog cakes” or “the cat sandbox”, it is the destination it deserves.

After the 450 attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians, Israel did not enter Gaza. On the contrary, it ended up accepting a fragile “ceasefire” that (and this has not been told) keeps alive a peace process that It is progressing and involving all the most relevant Arab countries in the region. A peace project that, for the first time, would be supported by the Arab World.

Israel, even in the worst conditions, continues to seek peace, even though terrorists continue to kill.

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