Segovia: Learning about Jewish Culture

JEWISH CEMETERY SEGOVIAOne more year, ‘Tiempo de Ánimas’, the activity organized by the tourism area of ​​the City of Segovia, organized on Sunday 11 November, a free visit to the Jewish cemetery of Segovia that is preserved in the area known as the Pinarillo.

About thirty people knew, from the hand of the guide, the peculiarities and customs of the Jews in regard to funeral acts with which to dismiss their deceased relatives. The visit, in addition to the explanations of the guide, was attended by a singer and an actress who intervened with Sephardic songs or through the narration of a story that told the perspective of a Jewish girl who used to visit the necropolis with her grandfather .

The guide said that death for Jewish society was something that deserved “utmost respect.” “They spent a year of mourning in which they did not attend any type of social events. The most peculiar thing is the imprisonment of the closest relatives in the house of the deceased the first seven days after death, “the guide reported.

The visit lasted about an hour and a half and included the walk to the area where the tombs carved into the rock are kept, typical of the Serfardí society that inhabited the city until its expulsion in 1492 by order of the Catholic Kings

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