#Mexico: The Mayor of #Cordoba about the #Jewish Legacy of this city

Ambrosio-Mancera-ayer-encuentro_1142595939_69487713_667x375The mayor of Cordoba, Isabel Ambrosio, defended yesterday the Jewish legacy of the city at a summit held in Mexico. According to municipal sources, Ambrosio is attending these days the Fourth World Summit of Sephardic Communities, held in Mexico City until next Saturday, as president of the Network of Cities with Jewish Quarters of Spain. In this way, the councilor stressed the importance of the role of Jewish communities in Spain and more specifically in Cordoba, “a city that could not be understood without the Jewish legacy, both in science, literature and urbanism,” he said.

In addition to the top leaders of the Jewish community in Mexico, the same sources added, the inauguration of this summit also included the mayors of Estella (Navarra) and Castrillo Mota de los Judíos (Burgos), as well as those responsible Of the Center Sefarad of Madrid and the Foundation Three Cultures. This fourth Erensya World Summit (Sephardic inheritance) is organized by the Sephardic Center of Spain and the Jewish communities of Israel and brings together some thirty Sephardic communities around the world. It is convened on a bi-annual basis and it does so with the aim of maintaining the language and identity of the Sephardic community. For the first time this summit meets in America after having done it in Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain.

The inauguration ceremony was presided over by the governor of Mexico City, Miguel Angel Mancera, with whom the mayor interviewed later to discuss the lines of joint work between the two cities in terms of heritage, climate change and international cooperation. Mancera, detailed municipal sources, was “very receptive” to the proposals of the mayor so that both cities can work together in those areas.

Mancera and Ambrosio agreed on the importance of the role of cities to recover the coexistence in the situation so complex that is going through these moments, noting that “cities can be a great factor of change.” In addition, both Ambrosio and Mancera pointed out that Cordoba and Mexico City are two cities “fundamental for coexistence, pluriculturality and plurilingualism”.


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