The filming of “La judía de Toledo” begins

la-judia-de-toledoA team formed by almost 40 people, including technical staff, assistants, actors and extras, was commissioned to shoot “The Jewel of Toledo”, in two days of intense work that have transferred to the 12th century several locations in Cuenca and His province. The courtyard of the Limousine located behind the Cathedral of Cuenca, the church of Paper mills and several rooms of the castle of Garcimuñoz have been the chosen scenes, reports the producer in a statement. Jesús Marco, Elena Saiz, Raquel Racionero and Pablo Ibáñez are the actors that give life to the main characters of the short film, which has had the direction of photography of Javier F. Gallego, with the direction of art of Agrimiro Saiz of the group CONCA and With José Luis Palacios at the head of the sound. All of them have worked on the project together with director Cuenca Dorian Sanz, in what will be his second short film after “Denomination of Origin: The Earth”. This new work is an initiative of the production company Dojo Producciones, in close collaboration with the historical recreation group CONCA, which has been in charge of creating the atmosphere and maintaining the temporal rigor of each scene. Both the dress of the period, nobles, plebeians and kings, as each element present in the set has been carefully detailed so as not to break the historical vision that has been tried to maintain at all times.

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