Antisemitic and anti-Christian messages in a Marvel comic book Indonesian cartoonist Ardian Syaf apologizes on Facebook for the sectarian winks in ‘X-Men Gold’

x men gold.pngThe Indonesian Muslim cartoonist Ardian Syaf apologized to social networks on Tuesday after introducing messages considered critical of Judaism and Christianity in the first issue of the Marvel comic book ‘X-Men Gold’.

“My career is over now, it’s the consequence of what I did and I assume it, please, no more mockery, no more hatred, I hope everything is in peace,” he wrote in English Syaf in a Facebook message to which they have reacted More than 3,900 users.

“I apologize for all the noise, goodbye, God bless you, I love you all,” adds the cartoonist, whose drawings had also been understood as an attack on the governor of Jakarta, the Christian Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, better known as Ahok .