New opening in Toledo: “Taller del Moro”

taller del moro TOLEDOThe president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, announced on Tuesday afternoon that, “very soon, before the summer”, will open to the public the “Taller del Moro”(Workshop of the Moor), XIVth-century ceremonial hall “unequaled” As Center of Interpretation of Mudéjar Art in Spain.

The Mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, was also present during the presentation of the book “Toledo, Jews, Curiosities, Myths and Enchantments”, in addition to its author, José Ignacio Carmona.

Precisely, it has been directed by García-Page to announce that the Museum Workshop of the Moor of Toledo, the only civil monument of the first half of the fourteenth century that has been preserved and that has been closed for more than a decade, will open before the summer As a center of interpretation of Mudejar art in Spain, which will be an even greater incentive to visit the city.

The head of the regional government has highlighted in his speech the close relationship between Toledo and the Jewish world throughout history, not to overlook that it was in this city where he was expelled, although he has emphasized this expulsion “do not Expelled from our soul “.

Pride of Toledo

That said, the regional president has proudly emphasized that Toledo is known as the Jerusalem of the West, which houses the two most important synagogues in Europe – the Transit and Santa María la Blanca – and that the models of these two Buildings are present in the Museum of Jewish History of Tel-Aviv.

Garcia-Page has emphasized that this is another sign that Toledo is a “unique city for the Jewish world,” which has been present in the history of Europe for the last two thousand years and feels “spiritually united” to Jerusalem, Where 40 percent of the Jewish rite is Sephardic.

In this context, he also stressed that the Palace of Fuensalida, which today houses the presentation of the essay “Toledo: Jews, curiosities, myths and enchantments”, is 500 years older than the political capital of Israel.

Referring to the book, the head of the autonomous government has augured “a great success,” because, as he said, “everything that means to delve into the legend, the rites, in history and in the wealth that means believing in something, In a world that often does not believe in anything, is extraordinary. “