Cristiano #Ronaldo cooperates with #Maguen David Adom-Israel

The first aid and emergency organization Magen David Adom of Israel and Abbott Israel have joined forces with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo for a new campaign that encourages Israelis to donate blood.

Star Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, a regular blood donor, appears in the “#BeThe1” campaign, part of a nationwide blood donation campaign that will take place at dozens of blood donation sites throughout Israel.

Blood donations are vital for saving lives, but many people do not know them until they or their loved ones have a critical need. Few people know that 234 million operations that require blood transfusions are performed worldwide annually. In fact, 1 in 7 people hospitalized requires a blood transfusion that saves lives.

While 108 million units of blood are collected annually around the world, only a small percentage of the billions of people eligible to donate do so. For those who require a blood transfusion, the need is even greater since the blood has a very short lifespan. Only through a steady and regular flow of voluntary donors can the required supply be guaranteed.

For this reason, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has joined the Magen David Adom campaign. Israel’s national rescue service, together with Abbott Israel, are cooperating to promote and raise awareness on the issue, as well as to encourage younger members to join the group of regular donors.

“It is within our faculties to achieve a change by donating blood. Each donation can help save 3 people, either in an emergency or in long-term care, “says Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of the Portuguese soccer team and Real Madrid player. “This is why I am excited to join forces with Abbott Israel and the MDA campaign, which will help raise awareness of the importance of donating blood and will encourage people around the world to become blood donors by life and lifeguards “.

Ronaldo, one of the best soccer players in the world, is the first international ambassador of the BeThe1 initiative, active around the world in order to inspire as many people as possible to become regular blood #donors and help save lives .