Mexico: recovered manuscripts with which Jewish literature from the Discovery of America

inah-manuscritos23-230317_notimexThe Mexican government recovered three manuscripts belonging to Luis de Carvajal and de la Cueva, one of the Spanish conquerors of Mexico, founder of the New Kingdom of Leon and the city of Monterrey, in which the person of Jewish descent narrates his life and his Faith, in the context of New Spain.

Diego Prieto, director general of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), informed at a press conference that they are three documents with which he initiates properly Jewish literature in Spanish America during the sixteenth century, which had remained outside Mexico for More than eight decades.

He said that the documents recovered thanks to the donation of the philanthropist Leonard I Milberg, will now be under the protection of the National Library of Anthropology and History; Likewise it was announced that they will be exhibited from next April 3 in the Museum of Memory and Tolerance in this city.

These are documents of great value, in particular, “Memoirs of Luis de Carvajal”, a booklet drawn on 46-page cloth paper in which the Jewish conqueror writes his story from leaving Europe to New Spain, Life of his family in Veracruz and the moments before being imprisoned by the Inquisition and sentenced to die at the stake.