Soccer Homage to Kristallnacht

This Wednesday, in the match that will face Club Fortaleza, the Brazilian football club Corinthians will place a Star of David Yellow in their uniforms, in memory of which the Nazis forced the Jews to use during World War II and with reason for a new anniversary of the Night of Broken Crystals, which is commemorated on November 8 and 9.

Proudly, fans of one of the most successful clubs in the country, say that this time they will not use a star for a championship, but for “Don’t Forget.”

On this day, the photo exhibition entitled “Survivors of the Holocaust” will be displayed in the lobby of the Casa del Pueblo. This historical intervention had the collaboration of the agency Tech and Soul and the Holocaust Memorial, in Bom Retiro, São Paulo.

At the end of the match, the shirts used with the yellow stars will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to the Memorial.

corinthians STAR DAVID
From the club the club fans were encouraged that if they wanted to join the move, there will be venues that sell the Yellow Star to put on their jackets.

In addition, the shirts of players that were not auctioned will participate in a temporary exhibition at the Corinthians Arena.

Gallileo Gallilei at Plaza de Oriente (Madrid)

IFelipe IV Gallileo Gallilein Madrid, next to the Royal Palace, in the middle of the Plaza de Oriente you can enjoy a wonderful statue of Felipe IV.
This equestrian statue was made by the Italian sculptor Pietro Tacca, who used a design by Diego de Velázquez. But the most amazing thing about this statue, if you look closely, is how it keeps its balance, since the Horse has its two front legs raised, it is a physics ingenuity to keep this statue; and for this the artist had the collaboration of scientist Gallieo Galliei, who assured his stability, playing with solid parts (in the back of the sculpture) and hollow in the front.
If you visit the Royal Palace of Madrid, do not miss it !!!

The legend of El Ratoncito Perez (little mouse Perez)

In Spain, tradition says that when a child drops a tooth, he must put it under his pillow so that during the night El Ratoncito Pérez comes to leave some coins next to his fallen tooth.
For years, parents have maintained this legend, being we who deposited these coins with the fallen teeth of our children, but … Where does this legend come from exactly?

Well, in fact, we must go to Madrid, to Arenal street 8, very close to Puerta del Sol. In this place was the Pastry shop called Carlos Prast. The basses of this confectionery were the home of Mouse Perez.
This story dates back to 1886, when at the death of King Alfonso XII, his widow, Maria Cristina, ruled the country waiting for his son, the future king, to be crowned at 16 years of age, in 1902.
The future king seemed to have a very delicate health and was very spoiled by the queen. When Alfonso, the future King, turned 8, he dropped a tooth in the future and this worried him a lot, because he was very apprehensive. So his mother asked the writer Luis de Coloma, to write a story about this fallen tooth to reassure Prince Alfonso.
In that novel, Coloma tells that there was a small mouse called Pérez who lived next to a King called Buby I (Buby was Alfonso’s nickname) and that once he lost a tooth, he put it under his pillow and mouse Pérez went to visit him and so King Buby I had a new friend.
The story continues… .. I invite you to read the book.

Kosher grilled meat in Madrid: La Escudilla

2019-10-28 21.32.46La Escudilla is the oldest Kosher restaurant. I can perfectly remember when they open their doors to the visitors and local Jews. Themost  impresive is that almost 20 years later they keep the same authentic taste to the Moroccan food.

The restaurant is very well handled by two brothers, Isaac and Biba, who try to give their best everyday in this space offering a great cus cus, keftas, lamb chops, skewers, sausages,…

The restaurant runs Kashrut under supervsion of Madrid Chief Rabbi (R.Moshe Bendahan SHLITA).

If you decide to have a lunch or dinner at La Escudilla, and you feel hungry you only have to order “the same steak than Asher Bentolila usually eats here” and let me know you comments pls.

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Gluten Free Marzipan available in Toledo

2019-10-27 18.45.51What is Marzipan? For those of you who still dont know marzipan, let me tell you that you are loosing a great opportunity of tasting an incredible dessert. Marzipan consists of a pastry made up of Almonds (60%) and sugar (40%) and some honey. It is sold in small pieces drawing figures, and there are some other varieties of it depending of what do they fill inside. It could be natural (no filling), with egg yolk pastry, sweet potatoes jam, pumpkim jam and some others.

In Toledo (Spain) marzipan is one of the most typical food you may taste and as you can see looking at the indredients is naturally gluten free. The point is that marzipan usually is sold in patisseries selling all kind of desserts and patries.  Santo Tomé, which is the Marzipan specialist in Toledo has just opened a new shop, outside the old city, where you can find a full assortment of maripan figures GLUTEN FREE GUARANTEED.

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Puerta de Toledo (Toledo Gate)

Toledo Gate in Madrid is a beautiful set of arches remaining from the Fate existing in this City oriented to the south edge of Madrid.

The construction of this gate took place between 1813 and 1827 and it was made during the kingdom of FERNANDO VII commemorating the Victory of Spain against the France occupation.

Today this gate is located in te edge of a very crowded area of Madrid. Specially on Sundays, called EL RASTRO.

A Spanish Dish: PAELLA

paella-valencianaIf there is a Spanish dish that defines Spain, I could say that Paella is the most famous.

What does Paella consist of?

It is dish made up of rice and mix of seafood and veggies. There are many different varieties of Paella, depending of what do you cook together with rice, such as fish, seafood, chicken, meat or even a mix of a few or all of them.

In this case, I going to leave you this video corresponding to a KOSHER PAELLA.

Enjoy it!!!




Hoshaana Rabba

The sixth day of Sukkot the Jews are conmemorating the day of Hoshaana Rabba.

Accordingly to the Jewish Religion the night of Hoshaana is the moment when the decrees signed in Yom Kippur are delivered to be effective. For this reason the ARIZAL (Rab Yitsjak aludía 1534-1572) established this night as a moment to learn Torah and increase on mitzvot.

I spent shachit this year at KOLEL TORAT MOSHE instead OR HAYELADIM and was a very nice experience.