Kosher grilled meat in Madrid: La Escudilla

2019-10-28 21.32.46La Escudilla is the oldest Kosher restaurant. I can perfectly remember when they open their doors to the visitors and local Jews. Themost  impresive is that almost 20 years later they keep the same authentic taste to the Moroccan food.

The restaurant is very well handled by two brothers, Isaac and Biba, who try to give their best everyday in this space offering a great cus cus, keftas, lamb chops, skewers, sausages,…

The restaurant runs Kashrut under supervsion of Madrid Chief Rabbi (R.Moshe Bendahan SHLITA).

If you decide to have a lunch or dinner at La Escudilla, and you feel hungry you only have to order “the same steak than Asher Bentolila usually eats here” and let me know you comments pls.

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