Shoa Remembrance Act at Madrid Local Government with Noah Klieger -Holocaust survivor-

Last Friday January 26th, took place an act at Madrid Local Government to conmemorate the World Holocaust  Remembrance Day.

During the act, 6 candles were lighted by a group of Students of Colegio Ibn Gabirol of Madrid, for the 6 millions of victims of Nazi.

The event was led by D. José Antonio Lisbona (political scientist and historian) and the speakers were Doña Paloma Adrados (President of the Madrid Assembly), Rabbi Moshe Bendahan (Chief Rabbi of Spain), Noah Klieger (Holocaust Survivor), Yinam Cohen (Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Israel in Spain), DªCristina Cifuentes (President of the Community of Madrid), Mr.León Benelbas (President of the Jewish Community of Madrid).

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