Indignation on the Jewish Comunity in Madrid(Spain)

The Jewish Community of Madrid and many commentators on social networks have denounced the act that was held this Monday in a Hall of the City of Madrid and which had the participation of the Third Lieutenant of Mayor, Mauricio Valiente, and that dedicated to defend the Palestinian terrorists detained in Israeli prisons.

The event was also attended by Mussa’ab Bashir, who was presented as a “television journalist and former Palestinian political prisoner” who, after being arrested by the Israeli security services in April 2007, acknowledged that he had attempted To attack “any relevant figure” in Israel.

Thus, according to information from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, Bashir, who is married to Spanish journalist activist Isabel Pérez – one of the Hamas defenders in the country’s press – came to receive terrorist training in Gaza Through the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, as well as having followed up the then Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.

The meeting, titled “International Day for Palestinian prisoners and prisoners”, took place in an official space of the City Council, specifically in the halls of the District Council of Retirement. In the poster that announced it appeared the logo of the municipality of Madrid and in addition to the participation of Bashir was contacted online with other prisoners.

Indignation in the Jewish Community

The act has provoked the indignation and the response of the Jewish Community of Madrid, which issued a statement in which “sees with alarming concern” that the Madrid City Council “cooperates with prisoners, many of them charged and convicted of bloody Crimes of terrorism, a consolidated democracy and a guarantor. “

The communiqué condemns “the adhesion of the City Council of all Madrid citizens and the use of municipal plenary halls in order to support associations and people who promote the boycott, hatred and destruction of the only Jewish country in the world as well as its habitants”.

He also criticized “the collaboration of the institutions of all Madrilenians with Mussa’ab Bashir, who in turn has been arrested for the commission of crimes in Israel” and which, as we said before, was one of the speakers.

Finally, the Jewish Community is concerned that the City Council shares spaces with “delegitimization and boycott movements to the only Jewish state in the world”, referring to the BDS, something that reminds you that it could put you “out of the Law”, as Has occurred to other municipalities and institutions that have supported the BDS, as recalls the communique that speaks of the “abundant and very clear jurisprudence for similar cases in the rest of Spain.”

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