Incredible speech in UN: “Where are your Jews?”

Israel-and-UN“Where are your Jews?” This was the overwhelming question that silenced a group of Arab countries that was accusing Israel of practicing apartheid against the Palestinians. It was pronounced at the UN Human Rights Council by Hillel Neuer, director of United Nations Watch, an organization dedicated to controlling the anti-Israeli bias of the ONE.

Neuer addressed this question to the representatives of Egypt, Algeria, Iraq and Syria, who recalled the massive exodus of Jews that these countries encouraged since the creation of the state of Israel.

“Algeria had 140,000 Jews, Algeria, where are its Jews? Egypt had 75,000 Jews, Egypt, where are its Jews? Syria, you had tens of thousands of Jews, where are your Jews? Iraq, there were 135,000 Jews, Where are your Jews? “

At the end of the speaker, who had previously been interrupted by all those mentioned, a huge silence fell on the UN room in Geneva in which the act was celebrated.

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