Asturias(Spain) remembers the Shoa

judios-asturiasCandles and a concert to inaugurate in the Campo San Francisco the monument to the Jewish victims, next Sunday

The Jewish Community of the Principality of Asturias will inaugurate next Sunday at noon a new monument in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, after having to remove the one that was in the Winter park, destroyed by the acts of vandalism. It will be a monolith of four thousand five hundred kilos, from the Quarry of Arlós, and now it will rise in Campo San Francisco. At its opening there will be candles, prayers and a concert.
“It is a broad stone, narrower on top, uncut to convey the brutality of the Holocaust, which is an act that is beyond the understanding of the people, without any rational explanation, in which six million Jews were killed “Explains Oceransky. Now, he emphasizes, that monument in memory of the extermination will be present in the center of Oviedo and in its park more visited.

The monument, according to the spokeswoman of the Sephardic community of Oviedo, Aida Oceransky, has been funded with financial contributions from the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, the European Federation of Progressive Jewish Communities, families from the community and people related to it.
Its inauguration is attended by representatives of the Principality, the Oviedo City Council, the Government Delegate and representatives of Israeli communities throughout the country. During the act six candles will be lit, to honor the victims, and upon finishing Hadasa Ramel, will play the violin “Praeludium and Allegro in the style of Pugnani”.
On January 27, the Jewish community organizes an event in the Auditorium, which will involve 978 students from high school and baccalaureate of all Asturias.

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