Boadilla (Madrid / Spain) and the Jewish Community promote the memory of the Holocaust

The City Council of Boadilla del Monte today celebrated, along with the Jewish Community of Madrid, the Day of Holocaust Remembrance, which recalls the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in 1945.
The tribute has begun with a video playing with the only photo album that exists of images of the arrival of prisoners to the camp, after which the interventions of the spokesman of the Jewish Community of Madrid, Raphael Benatar, of the director of the Center Sefarad-Israel, Miguel de Lucas.
This commemoration, designated by the United Nations on January 27 and has advanced in Boadilla today, has also had the presence of a victim of the consequences of the Holocaust, Rhoda Henelde, who has related the horror that had to live with his mother During much of his childhood.
The lighting of six candles has recalled, respectively, the six million Jews killed, the survivors who reshaped their lives, the 1.5 million children under the age of 16 who were victims of the Nazis, and the other minorities also killed.
After the candles were lit, there was the intervention of the spokeswoman of the Israeli Embassy, Hamutel Rogel, and a prayer for the victims of the Holocaust by Rabbi Moises Bendahan.
In the interventions of the Jewish representatives the idea has been reiterated of not forgetting what happened, for justice towards the victims and for the new generations to know it, with the idea that only knowing the history can be avoided to be repeated.
The mayor has closed the event with an intervention in which he has expressed, in addition to the remembrance of the victims, the need to analyze the causes that led to the Holocaust among which the religious fanaticism has stood out.
At the same time, there has also been criticism of intolerance towards the different, nationalisms and relativism that question the fundamental principles of democracy and modern society: the right to life, freedom, dignity of all human beings and Justice.

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