Events around the “Sofer Synagogue”-Toledo

In the Jewish religion, the sofer is the writer who transcribes the Torah and an expert in Hebrew casofer-sinagogalligraphy. The sofer is also a synagogue built in Toledo’s Jewish quarter at the end of the 12th century and probably destroyed two centuries later during the “Anti-Jewish Revolt” of 1391. Forgotten for centuries, less than a decade ago, French archaeologist Jean Passini found The remains that proved its existence and around that discovery was conditioned the place of the Sofer.
With this background cultural context, the Toledo City Council has set up a program of activities for Saturday mornings (until the end of May) that carries the explicit title: “Music, theater and flowers in Sofer space”. The program is part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the declaration of Toledo as a World Heritage City by Unesco.

This Saturday was the inauguration of “Music, theater and flowers in space Sofer” and it acted the pianist Andrés Tejero and the saxophonist Diego Sánchez. All dressed up with a small market of flowers mounted by the florist El Edén (whose headquarters is on Avenida de Portugal, number 18).

“What we want is to live the street and therefore we have many cultural activities in the street. Spaces for the enjoyment of young people, families and anyone who wants to get closer, “said Mayor Milagros Tolón, who approached the square.
Also this Saturday, the Consortium of the City of Toledo, dedicated to the guarantor of the local heritage, dedicated its day of open doors to show for free the archaeological remains that lie below this square. You know, the once synagogue of the Sofer, but not only because there are also Islamic remains and even the Roman era.
Tolón was accompanied by the ex-president of Castilla-La Mancha, José Bono; The exalcalde of Toledo and president of the Royal Foundation of Toledo, Juan Ignacio de Mesa; The secretary general of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces in Castilla-La Mancha, Tomás Mañas, and the director of the School of Art of Toledo, Martín-Caro Sagrario. These authorities discovered an information totem pole in which the program of “Music, theater and flowers in space Sofer” can be read until the end of May.
A calendar in which the students of the School of Art will have a leading role, as they will organize three workshops: on lighting installation, graphic design and pottery.

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