The Spanish Jewish community asks Carmena to have with Israel the gestures of other European cities

berlin_bandera_israel09012017The Spanish Jews have asked Carmena, mayor of Madrid, that Madrid should not be an exception to the European cities that honor Israel when it suffers attacks.

In a letter sent to Manuela Carmena last week, the president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, Isaac Querub, asks the mayor of Madrid to “take note of acts of solidarity with the countries hit by terrorism” that have Made in other European capitals like Berlin or Paris, which projected images of the Israeli flag in monuments or public buildings after the last attack in Jerusalem.

The letter includes photographs of these acts and also recalls that the Madrid City Council itself did the same after the attacks in the Sala Bataclán and other parts of Paris on 13 November 2015.

Querub explains that this type of actions “have become a way of expressing repudiation for terrorist barbarism,” and tells the mayor that the Spanish Jewish community was surprised “to have found no symbol of this attitude in the maxim Madrid institution after the bombing in Jerusalem last Sunday 8 January.

“For all this,” the letter concludes, “we urge the Madrid City Council to join this wave of solidarity and also project the Israeli flag on the facade of the building when terrorism is abused with the Israeli population.”

The relations of the Madrid City Council and the Jewish world have gone through complicated moments thanks to some councilors like Guillermo Zapata and his famous tuits or to the relationship with the BDS movement that have not a few parties and organizations within Agora Madrid; But there have also been meeting points such as that Carmena itself adhered last March to the agreement of mayors against anti-Semitism.

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