Chanuka in Segovia

The Didactic Center of the Judería opens its doors to the Market of Chanukah

On December 15 and 162016-mercadillo-de-januca-segovia, an open house will be held at the museum located in the House of Abraham Seneor

The market consists of various publications, Kosher products and handicrafts, facilitated by Horacio Kohan, director and founder of the Jewish magazine of culture Roots

Chanukah in Hebrew means inauguration and refers to the reopening of the Temple by the Jews, after it was desecrated by the Greeks in the second century BC. C. This festivity, which lasts 8 days, is celebrated every year in the month of December with great joy. Throughout these days candles are lit in the januquia, a candelabrum with eight arms aligned with an additional support for another candle, denominated shamash, that is used to light the others. In Chanukah there is also the custom of taking certain foods, such as sufganiot, and children play with four-sided spinning tops marked with the Hebrew initials of the phrase “A Great Miracle Happened Here.”

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