Fly Toledo

20160811_122624On August 11th, we have a very special visit to Toledo.

There is a Zipline alongo the Tagus River in Toledo; it goes paralell to St Martin’s Bridge.Chaim -NYC; USA- told me if I had ever ride it, and answer I was awating any of my visitors to do it in order to ride togeher…. Imagine!!!!



Synagogue of El Transito: a “must see” in Toledo

sinagoga del transito TOLEDO

The El Transito Synagogue(inside The Sephardic Museum) preserves the legacy of the Spanish-Jewish and Sephardic culture as an essential part of the cultural heritage of Toledo, where you can find a historic quarter designed as  “World Heritage”.

The Sephardic Museum is situated in an iconic building in the Jewish Quarter in Toledo – the Samuel ha-Levi or Tránsito synagogue – built in the 14th century, authorised by Peter I of Castile. Since then, historical events have brought the building to life and every culture and generation has left an imprint: it went from being a synagogue to a Christian church, as well as a shelter, a hospital, a private home, a chapel, a military barrack, a national monument and finally, a museum. Its masonry and brick walls and its wooden roof provided shelter to Jewish artisans, Moorish alarifes (master builders) and Christian craftsmen. The building summarises perfectly the melting pot of cultures in Toledo. A visit to the rooms in the museum enables visitors to discover the secrets of our most unknown heritage.